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Life Goes on …

February 5, 2010

First time I met this Man in his sixties , I knew he was different.A  person who stood by his family  under all circumstances.That was my Father in law, whom I consider to be my best  friend and guide next only to my grandfather. The time spent with him was  so enriching.

Heres the life lessons I learnt from him

  • Hold your self esteem high
  • Never  borrow Money
  • Manage within the resources you have
  • stand by your family come what may
  • Be honest and work Hard.

The list goes on  and throughout his life he has been a man who stood by his commitments.He never let me feel  that I was a Daughter In Law.He was more like a friend to me.He wanted to see me successfull and he very well understood what success meant to me.

He left us on 29th Dec 2009, succumbed to Heart failure. .I pay tributes to him. I will miss him day in an day out.

And I know his advices will continue guiding me ever after.

You will be with me Anna, {as I dearly called him } for the rest of my life .

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  1. kosh permalink
    February 6, 2010 7:17 am

    Yeah I agree, uncle was a very simple man, down to earth, more a friend than a elder person, soft spoken, huuuge patience, never loses it, always has a positive thinking towards anything, never took shortcuts.

  2. February 6, 2010 10:07 am

    That’s a sweet summary of Uncle, Ash. The best thing I remember of him is his whole-hearted encouragement, right from start, for our venture.. he used to always sit quietly and listen to our work adventures, curiosity and excitement obvious in his eyes.. 🙂

    Guess you know that you have a lifetime guarantee of unlimited supply of his blessings!

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