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New year Resolutions -2011

December 22, 2010

Fitness fitness fitness……That will be my  focus  for the coming year.


Oflate , have been feeling very exhausted and and not so good .

Here’s 9 Resolutions for the coming year:

1.Join a health club and make myself fit to juggle multiple chores without losing my patience and energy.

2.Add a new hobby/ skill – something very different : choosing between- Bonsai Gardening / Sky watching /new art etc

3.Make myself more resilient and strong

4.Track my finances and build my investments

5. Dive deep into the job profile – choose one area and give the best I can .

6.Start writing my thoughts  and ideas


8.Read one book per month

9.Enjoy being myself

And Istop here coz 9 is my fav number 🙂

I will surely revisit in Dec to see where I stand in 2012.

For now, feel all excited to start again , a fresh year , fresh resolutions to keep me going.

Good bye 2010.You have been good !


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