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First day of the School

February 18, 2010

Nah! not mine..I don’t even remember  my first day of the school.All I am told is that I cried my hell out and ran back home.Well,  Its was my son’s first day in the school( Playhome to be precise) accompanied by her Aaji( Grandma).I was so excited and nervous .When Aarush and My MIL came back from the Playhome, I asked them how was it?Aarush says” I saw so many kids” and he seemed to have enjoyed .Great relief! Well for now Aarush is happy going to school because all that he does is play with toys.A change for him.I am happy coz my son has suddenly stepped up the school rungs and begun to explore the world outside.Away from Cocooned life!

Hello world! Heres my Little one making his entry !

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