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Bangalore-Managalore day train journey

October 6, 2009

The journey goes into one of my most memorable journeys so far list.

We( my parents, mil,fil,Aarush) boarded the Yeshwantapur-Mangalore day train at
The train started at 7.30 ,luckily( will tell you why a little later) we had packed snacks( laddoos,chakkali/murukku,milk in a flask for aarush,choclates etc etc) for munching in the train.
At Tumkur station we had breakfast and then started the picturesque journey.
As we appraoched Hassan , continuous lush green fields( a feast to eyes) awed us every moment.The weather was also amazing, fresh and cool.Now started the most exciting journey, as the train started towards Sakleshpura and then into ghats.
We thought we would buy lunch but to our dismay found nothing enroute.( please be sure to pack enough food to last a day long journey as you hardly get anything enroute).Somebody told us that at subramanya station we would get lunch.Anyways, we hardly felt the need because the ghats had just started .The train started its ascend into ghats at around 12.30…absolutely no words can ever describe the picturesque terrains..which looked like an pista icecream with vanilla topping!!!!!! the clouds had covered the mountains completely at one end and the other side of the window was these dense forest ..hardly any habitation in between.It was only lush green forests , green green and green all the way and yes..the most important part was the TUNNELS in between.there are totally 24 tunnels..and some really long ones lasting for more than a minute.and on top of that the rains started pouring in and the whole ghats was drenched in fresh water…falls everywhere..falling down from every nook and corner of the ghats and deep valleys with our train crossing rivers on a high bridge now and then.sometimes the falls would fall on the train an amazing sight it was.
Camera cannot capture everything…its just as fresh as fresh leaf on my mind.due to rains there was a landslide just before Kukke Subramanya station.At 4pm we were stranded in a remote place..only a distant railway station was seen with absolutely deserted look and ofcourse the rain and the ghats with us enchanting us.It took 2 hrs for the workers( who are always on the train to handle such eventualities) to clear the mud on the track …poor guys..they had to work in the rain just to make sure we have a safe and beautiful journey.Salute to all of them.
Finally the train started and we reached managalore at 10Pm a 4 hrs delay due to rains and landslide.But the wait in the deserted ghat was awesome.
Its an untapped mine to be left that way coz it looks so untamed, wild, and beautiful.
For all those who would like to enjoy train trips, be sure to take this route coz i am sure it will leave you speechless and rejuvenate completely.
Also, be sure to carry enough food, dont adventure near the train doors,the valleys are really deep and forests are thick.
The arrival is at 6.30 pm at mangalore station, but we reached at 10 coz of land slide.
Happy journey to all those who are planning to take this trip.
Waiting for a chance to hit the ghats again.
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  1. jay permalink
    November 18, 2009 12:02 pm

    Its a nice trip to have and its a nice article :-).

  2. November 24, 2009 9:29 am

    Thanks Jay

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