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November 24, 2010

A travelling freak I am, any random drives brings my energy back and  I am at my best self  while on the move.And I must confess, planned trips dont work with me .I simply enjoy random unplanned drives to unknown destinations.

Well, after long time , we ventured into one such drive into the villages nearby Bangalore.Just 35kms away form Bangalore  , towards hope Farm which connects Sarjapur Road, I was amazed at the lush green fields with wheat, vegetables, ecalyptus trees and floriculture farms all through the way.And what a drive that was,!The road was bumpy , but our VW POLO did a good job of giving us a comfortable drive.

No wonder, resorts have begun to mushroom in these areas. the quiteness of the fields, the fresh breeze and lovely flowers, fields all are such a welcome treat to the eyes.For somebody who is so bored of city life, this was such a relaxation.

I must mention about Ayurveda Gram here. Its a resort tucked away from Bangalore city , yet reachable .Quite a natural Kerala setting  with beautiful cottages and landscape.Lovely flower garden and the aroma of the Ayurved oils linger all over the place.Yes! its not a common Man’s place.Quite expensive for one day stay.We just visited, had a cup of hot tea and move on with our drive.

Overall, had a nice drive to the countryside .Although city is slowly invading these  green foliage , for now its quite a nice drive for those who want  short break away from the busy dusty Bangalore.

Disclaimer:Please dont expect contact information and exact driving instructions .I would expect you to explore with the minimal information provided here.Nothing like Random explorations right?!!!

Few shots here:

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Cheers to more such drives!

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