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Pearl Valley -Muthyala Madugu

January 27, 2011

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Well, another random day for long drive.We just shortlisted two places- Pearl Valley ( have been planning for this place since  a long time) and Chunchu falls near Mekedat.

Finally after googling around for directions, felt Pearl valley is a good bet.And we started  at 11.30 AM , packed  lunch and headed straight to Attibele.Took a deviation there on the hosur road towards Attibele and from there to Anekal .From Anekal Peral valley is just 8 Kms.

The drive from Attibele to Pearl Valley is awesome  and full of agricultural fields.So untamed and Natural and roads are good for a drive.

Pearl valley is popularly known  by locals as Muthyala Madugu which justifies the name .

When we recahed there, it was such a pleasant place with valley on one side and on top of the hill a quite restaurant with parking place for the vehicles.Quite a contrast to City -just about 60-70kms away.

We quickly had lunch and  headed towards the falls.The pathway is steep with steps  along the valley  covered with lush green foliage.

We reached the falls – small one , which reflects the name “Pearl” ,falls quietly from 40ft above as a thin layer and collects down .Its a great place for kids as they can roll around and enjoy playing in the water.Spent some time playing in the water and headed back .Climbing the steps is little tiresome, but fun as the surroundings just takes away your attention.

There’s a small hotel atop the valley and the view form this place is beautiful.

I must say, it was worth the visit, so natural , just few kms from City scape.

Caution : 1.Lot of Drunkards  gangs around and better to visit during public holidays .Safe to visit in groups.

2.Lot of monkeys to snatch things form your hand.

Otherwise , you must visit  it .Better than spending time in a mall or on  dusty roads of Bangalore.


New year Resolutions -2011

December 22, 2010

Fitness fitness fitness……That will be my  focus  for the coming year.


Oflate , have been feeling very exhausted and and not so good .

Here’s 9 Resolutions for the coming year:

1.Join a health club and make myself fit to juggle multiple chores without losing my patience and energy.

2.Add a new hobby/ skill – something very different : choosing between- Bonsai Gardening / Sky watching /new art etc

3.Make myself more resilient and strong

4.Track my finances and build my investments

5. Dive deep into the job profile – choose one area and give the best I can .

6.Start writing my thoughts  and ideas


8.Read one book per month

9.Enjoy being myself

And Istop here coz 9 is my fav number 🙂

I will surely revisit in Dec to see where I stand in 2012.

For now, feel all excited to start again , a fresh year , fresh resolutions to keep me going.

Good bye 2010.You have been good !



November 24, 2010

A travelling freak I am, any random drives brings my energy back and  I am at my best self  while on the move.And I must confess, planned trips dont work with me .I simply enjoy random unplanned drives to unknown destinations.

Well, after long time , we ventured into one such drive into the villages nearby Bangalore.Just 35kms away form Bangalore  , towards hope Farm which connects Sarjapur Road, I was amazed at the lush green fields with wheat, vegetables, ecalyptus trees and floriculture farms all through the way.And what a drive that was,!The road was bumpy , but our VW POLO did a good job of giving us a comfortable drive.

No wonder, resorts have begun to mushroom in these areas. the quiteness of the fields, the fresh breeze and lovely flowers, fields all are such a welcome treat to the eyes.For somebody who is so bored of city life, this was such a relaxation.

I must mention about Ayurveda Gram here. Its a resort tucked away from Bangalore city , yet reachable .Quite a natural Kerala setting  with beautiful cottages and landscape.Lovely flower garden and the aroma of the Ayurved oils linger all over the place.Yes! its not a common Man’s place.Quite expensive for one day stay.We just visited, had a cup of hot tea and move on with our drive.

Overall, had a nice drive to the countryside .Although city is slowly invading these  green foliage , for now its quite a nice drive for those who want  short break away from the busy dusty Bangalore.

Disclaimer:Please dont expect contact information and exact driving instructions .I would expect you to explore with the minimal information provided here.Nothing like Random explorations right?!!!

Few shots here:

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Cheers to more such drives!

Blossoms in my garden

September 17, 2010

Ever since we moved into our home( Apartment), I have been trying to nurture a little garden in my balcony.My dad ( a garden enthusiast) helped me with pots and plants.He has specially given few plants which he liked so much to adorn my Balcony.

This particular plant holds a special place in my Balcony and never had seen flowers.Must appreciate my perseverance in watering the plant  for three long years and finally my affection yielded the results.My special plant bore a beautiful white blossom and my little garden looks so nice.

Something I will treasure in my memory since it holds a special place in my life and my little garden!

Sizzle-Dazzle-Brownie of CCD

May 19, 2010

We( Team -ApartmentAdda) went out for a coffee break to CCD and had this amazing must try  on their Menu- Sizzle Dazzle Brownie.

Heres the shot!Yummy!

Sizzle-Dazzle Brownie

It reminded me the  yester years corner house  Hot Chocolate Fudge.Get one for you too NOW!!!!!

Cycling my way to work!

April 13, 2010

Hurray! thats how  I screamed  today when I rode my cycle to workplace.Nothing seemed to impress me  other than my little companion today.Oflate , I have made some resolutions and keeping myself fit takes a priority in the list.I bought a New Gear Bicycle and rode it all the way to office( althoght its just next road). A sense of having done what I wanted to after long time seeped into me and I feel at the top of the world.

Hope to c more of my resolutions turning into reality soon!

Do what you want, Live Life as you want!Welcome Life!

First day of the School

February 18, 2010

Nah! not mine..I don’t even remember  my first day of the school.All I am told is that I cried my hell out and ran back home.Well,  Its was my son’s first day in the school( Playhome to be precise) accompanied by her Aaji( Grandma).I was so excited and nervous .When Aarush and My MIL came back from the Playhome, I asked them how was it?Aarush says” I saw so many kids” and he seemed to have enjoyed .Great relief! Well for now Aarush is happy going to school because all that he does is play with toys.A change for him.I am happy coz my son has suddenly stepped up the school rungs and begun to explore the world outside.Away from Cocooned life!

Hello world! Heres my Little one making his entry !